Covid-19 Updates

What the new Covid-19 rules mean for your visits to Jannali Healthcare Centre:

Most importantly, you will not be fined if you do not have a mask on when you are within our clinic, nor will we refuse you access. We do continue to request that you do not attend any appointments at our clinic if you are currently unwell, are considered a close contact with a known Covid-19 case, have recently visited a known ‘hot spot’, are awaiting a Covid-19 test result, or have been told to self-isolate. We also would like to remind everyone to abide by the 1.5m rule of social distancing when you are inside our clinic, and still prefer you to attend your appointment solo here possible.

As we provide a range of health services, wearing a mask is not currently mandatory in NSW for health practitioners in private practice. However, our practitioners and staff will continue to wear our masks where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained.

It is also not currently mandatory for patients and clients to wear a mask when attending a healthcare setting such as ours. However, we encourage all our patients and visitors to wear a face mask or covering where possible for your added protection and reassurance. For Pilates, we would also prefer you to wear a mask to and from your class and during set up/pack up, but you are not required to wear one whilst actually on the mat and doing your exercises.

Lastly, we keep accurate digital records of everyone that attends our clinic and so you will not need to register your visit with a QR code at this time. We will be confirming at your visit that all your contact information is up to date and complete. This will also be recorded for anyone who ‘pops in’ to reception to be logged as a daily visitor.

Stay healthy, Enjoy the Sunshine, and we will see you soon.

Alison & the Jannali Healthcare Centre team