Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) are allied health professionals expert in explaining and prescribing exercise to improve health and wellbeing. Exercise is medicine for many conditions that affect health and daily life. People consult an AEP for fitness assessment and advice on exercise program choices. An AEP can design personalised programs or suggest modifications to existing plans. For someone already training with a coach, undertaking their own fitness routine or working with a group fitness leader, an AEP can help monitor program progression and suggest specific modifications to enable personal goals to be achieved.

AEPs work with GPs, specialist doctors and other Allied Health Professionals to be part of your healthcare team managing:
・Cardiovascular Disease ・Stroke ・High Cholesterol ・High Blood Pressure ・Overweight & Obesity ・Diabetes ・Impaired Glucose Tolerance ・Asthma ・Arthritis ・Osteoporosis ・Falls & Poor Balance ・Chronic Pain Management ・Lower Back Pain ・Depression ・Mood Management ・Quality of Life ・Cancer ・Multiple Sclerosis ・

Exercise Physiology services include:
• Initial assessment of health status, exercise history, and personal goals for change.
• Assessment of current physical abilities to individualise program development.
• Specialised exercise prescription, home based or on-line programs, individual plans or referral and introductions to appropriate level group exercise.
• Instruction on safe participation in exercise programs to achieve your health or sporting goals and improve strength, balance, core function and flexibility.
• Periodised annual plans to ensure variety, balance and adequate rest days.
• Exercise for weight management plans and coaching.
• Activity monitoring and written reports to your referring GP or specialist, detailing your exercise plan and progress.