What to expect

Initial Consultation
At the initial consultation, the dietitian will ask questions about your current diet, exercise habits, medical history, general health and lifestyle to complete a comprehensive assessment and enable the formation of an individualised nutrition plan. If referred by a doctor for a specific medical condition, please bring along your referral and any relevant test results.
Allow up to 1 hour.

Review Consultation
Follow up appointments provide an opportunity to review your progress and obtain ongoing nutritional support. During the review, the dietitian may also revise your nutritional goals, provide further education, answer any questions and fine-tune your nutrition plan.
Allow up to 30 minutes.

Practical Portion Session
This interactive session shows you the recommended portion sizes of foods across the 5 food groups using real food and food models. It will help guide the dietary recommendations received in your initial consultation into practice for you. This session is best booked after your initial consultation to help give you control over portion sizes across the day.
Allow up to 1 hour.